The Syntrix Scientist-Early-Entrepreneur Development (SEED) Program supports the very earliest-stage innovative life science technologies that demonstrate promise to deliver breakthrough products for the Syntrix pipeline.

The Syntrix Scientist-Early-Entrepreneur Development (SEED) Program is a pilot component of Syntrix’s broader strategy to identify external innovation and research that will ultimately lead to new products. The SEED Program leverages existing Syntrix infrastructure to develop and mature the very earliest of scientist-entrepreneurs and their innovative life science technologies.  The SEED Program provides select scientist-entrepreneurs with up to two years access to Syntrix infrastructure that includes laboratory space, instrumentation, supplies and staff expertise in drug discovery, preclinical and clinical development, regulatory, manufacturing, commercialization, and more.  Scientist-entrepreneurs are expected to

secure independent funding of their programs beyond the period of support through private or government sources.  The SEED Program is thus modeled after academia, but differs by affording the scientist-entrepreneur with a shared ownership interest in future products arising from the technology.

Our Selection Criteria

As a strategic initiative, the mission of the SEED Program is to support the earliest of technologies and their scientist-entrepreneurs in order to develop technologies that could lead to future product opportunities.  We

therefore seek highly motivated independent individuals with the drive and skills to develop independently-supported technology programs that align with Syntrix’s current and future areas of business interest. Positions are contingent on scientist-entrepreneurs securing independent funding of their programs beyond the period of support.  Applicants with a history of previous or current independent grant funding will be given priority.  Applicants for the SEED program are encouraged to apply by submitting their curriculum vitae and non-confidential letter of interest to our online form.