On Partnership

Collaboration is a core value at Syntrix, because that’s been our approach from day one.

That spirit of teamwork defines our external partnerships, as we seek complementary strengths to help us bring products to the patients who need them most.

At Syntrix, we realize that we don’t have all the answers.  In the complex, ever-evolving field of biopharmaceuticals, Syntrix relies on strong business relationships to help us succeed in our mission of making a major positive impact on patients worldwide. We work with a wide variety of talented individuals and organizations, from academic researchers and innovative research organizations to those who provide the critical drug supplies that our clinical trials require. Over the years, collaboration has helped us advance many important medical breakthroughs: Establishing the mechanism of a critical new therapy for severe asthma.  Developing the clinical trial strategy for demonstrating the efficacy of an innovative new pain therapy. And those are just a couple examples.

The history and evolution of our company is defined by strategic partnerships and licensing that have expanded Syntrix’s scientific expertise and contributed to our product portfolio.  We’re always open to exploring new business relationships and innovative ideas – at all stages of development – that we can help to move forward.

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