Tramadol (ULTRAM) is approved for moderate to moderately severe pain but requires metabolism in the body to its M1 metabolite for activity.

Desmetramadol (oral or parenteral) is the M1 metabolite and does not require metabolism for activity.

Desmetramadol eliminates common drug-drug and metabolism liabilities of tramadol (ULTRAM’s black box warnings).

Desmetramadol is proven in placebo-controlled randomized clinical trials.

Desmetramadol is phase 3 ready.

Desmetramadol is patent protected until 2039.

Desmetramadol to displace tramadol in $3.695 billion global tramadol market.

  • Europe: 37%
  • North America: 20%
  • Japan: 12%
  • India: 5.8%
  • South America: 3.6%
  • Middle East and Africa: 4.5%
  • 17.5 million: United States tramadol prescriptions in 2020.

Roughly half of patients do not obtain optimal pain relief from tramadol either because they are taking one of many common drugs that compete for the enzyme that metabolizes tramadol to its active form, or because they have a genetic variant in the same enzyme. Still other patients metabolize tramadol too quickly, causing intolerance and rarely, life-threatening side effects (FDA black box warnings). Desmetramadol eliminates these concerns with an easy-to-prescribe alternative that provides the same analgesic and safety profile as tramadol.