Internship Opportunities

Internship Program

Syntrix’s dedication to scientific research and new drug development extends beyond the development of its products. We are unique among industry sponsors in supporting educational hands-on research in our laboratories.  Internship opportunities at Syntrix vary in scope and focus; however all internships at Syntrix are important portals into potential biomedical careers, either as a scientist, physician, or future biomedical entrepreneur.

Former Syntrix interns have gone on to successful graduate careers, including the Stanford combined MD-PhD Medical Scientist Training Program. Our highly-competitive internship program enables trainees to make a contribution to the Company through scientific achievement, product development, collaboration, and fun.  In turn, interns benefit personally, academically, and professionally through the rigor, community, mentorship, and networking opportunities that serve as the foundation of our training endeavors.

Interns participate on a full-time basis during the summer months and are paid a modest stipend.  The Syntrix internship program is open to undergraduate students and rarely exceptional high school students.  Completion of a course in organic chemistry is highly preferred.  Apply by submitting your resume, transcript, and a brief personal statement describing your future career goals.  Submit the required materials to our online form.